5 rules for a successful relationship with a girl

5 rules for a successful relationship with a girl

If you want to make an online acquaintance with a girl, but do not know what to say and when, you need to know five basic principles that will help you start a new relationship.

Better communicating in a video chat than writing messages

First of all, because it is much easier to evaluate the reaction of the person feel his interest. You will see with your own eyes whether she really laughs at your jokes and whether she is interested in your stories about herself. Voice and facial expressions convey much more emotions than emoticons in instant messengers.

Thanks to participating in a video chat, it is much easier to flirt with a girl and receive feedback. To make an appointment, you need to prepare the ground, and only then make a concrete proposal.

Track balance when initiating contact

During the first meeting you do not need to force events. You should stay in neutral territory and wait for an answer. Thanks to it, you give the girl time to think. If the person keeps silence, but before this reaction to your messages were positive, then take a break. When the interlocutor notices your long absence, she herself will take the first step. At least out of sheer curiosity, she will try to find out what happened to you.

Never be offended or blame a girl for lack of contact

If she did not call, although she promised, then it is likely that this is a sign of lack of interest. This does not mean that she does not want to contact anymore, but confirms the absence of crazy love.

No need to ask several times why she does not want to meet and does not respond to messages. In any case, you will hear some excuse. The answer to these questions will not clarify your life. Therefore, if someone does not show interest in you, do not pay attention to it. When resuming a relationship, do not show that you are offended by something. Take everything philosophically.

Be honest and open

Honesty is the foundation even in long-distance relationships. The fact that you do not see your partner every day does not mean that you need to hide your feelings and not notice her. Do not play dirty games. If she forgot to answer, do not punish the girl for a long silence, everything happens in life. If something does not suit you in a relationship, talk about it directly and in a timely manner without prolonging the silence. No need to make a girl guess. After all, she is not a fairy and cannot read your mind.

Do not keep in touch at all costs

It is better to end the relationship at an exciting moment, while providing the other side with food for thought and continue communication next time, than to completely exhaust all topics of conversation and shut up.

Therefore, when you feel that the conversation is not interesting anymore, and all the funny jokes and stories that were in your head have ended, you have to finish it. In this case, you also need to monitor the balance. If the other side is always the first to finish the conversation, this means that your communication with her should be reduced.

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