What photos should be shown to a girl at a meeting

What photos should be shown to a girl at a meeting

More and more people get to know each other and find their soul mates online. In order to interest a girl from the first minutes, certain rules must be observed. The first thing women pay attention to is the appearance of the man. It encourages the next step. After a meeting you can start the story of your life with showing photos.

What pictures can be shown

First, photos must be of good quality. If you prefer dating sites, it is recommended to show actual and real pictures.

Girls in video chats appreciate a sense of humor and sincerity. With great interest, they will see photos taken on vacation. At the first meeting, many men like to emphasize that they spend their free time exclusively in the theater, at exhibitions or art gallery. They think that such an image for women is more attractive. And indeed it is. Most girls also like guys in suits.

According to psychologists, the easiest way to attract attention is showing old-school pictures. It turned out that most women like them.

Several photos can tell about what we prefer to emphasize in our image. For example, you take a picture in Morocco while practicing extreme sports, then appear at a party with colleagues, and then take a picture of yourself studying a thick tome. From this information, the girl learns that you are a disciplined, sociable, ambitious and hardworking person.

What photos you should not show

Do not show photographs depicting a naked figure or intimate parts of the body. At the first acquaintance, such images will be perceived as insults. You also should not take selfies with a group of friends, relatives or children. Such photos can only be shown to close enough people who are interested in your personal life.

If you plan to meet a girl in real life, then it makes no sense to hide the features of your figure and say that you are a thin and slender. At the first date, the lie will be revealed. You have to look for women who will accept you as you really are.

What is more, do not show off photos that prove your good financial situation. Most girls misinterpret it. In addition, such pictures arouse the interest of special women, the so-called hunters for rich men.

Photos from nightclubs will not attract women either.

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