The importance of a first date

A date at a chat-roulette is as important as a meeting in real life. Everyone knows that the first impression is of great importance, in a few seconds our subconscious mind decides whether this person suits us or not. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance by studying body language. This will help you determine which conversation topics your partner likes and which does not. To save you time, we have selected the most important signals that people transmit through non-verbal communication.


To interpret your opponent’s body language, focus on his eyes first. If his eyes shine, then you are interesting to the interlocutor. If he always rolls them or narrows when you speak, then you should not hope for a continuation of the relationship. There is no reason to hope for a second date. Better finish the conversation right now to avoid any conflicts.

Even scornful looks can never be ignored. If you see several of them, then you should also bury all hopes of a future communication.


The nose contributes significantly to nonverbal communication. If your interlocutor wrinkles his nose, then he or she subconsciously signals to you that the topic of the conversation is unpleasant. So try changing the subject. On the first date, positive and joyful feelings should dominate.


If a girl or a guy purses his lips on the first date, this may seem disgusting and offensive. Pursed lips are also an obvious sign of stress or anxiety. So be careful and sensitive, immediately correct the situation. So you are guaranteed to make a good impression. In addition, do not forget that you yourself are the source of non-verbal communication.


During the conversation, you can look at the hands. If the interlocutor closes their body with them, crosses them or constantly turns some object into them, this means that he feels stressed and insecure. If you see such a reaction on your first date, then you should know that the trust has not been established. To correct the situation, you need to make every effort.


Even animals can show that they trust us. They can signal that they have no evil intentions. People, of course, do not lie on the floor when they feel safe, at least in public. However, if we like a person, then we turn to him with the whole body. When the interlocutor somehow deviates from you, turns away, then the reason for such behaviour may be an inappropriate or uninteresting topic of conversation. If an object appears between you as an additional barrier, you should clearly understand that something is going wrong here.

The first date answers many questions. It is considered a decisive test for whether spark arises between you or not. Some dates then develop into relationships.

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