Differences between chat-roulettes and social networks

Messengers, social networks, microblogging and roulette-chats are very popular now. Today we will talk about how social networks differ from online video chat.

Differences in communication in social networks and chat-roulettes

A social network should be understood as an active online platform that is used for communication, dating, creating relationships with other people who have a similar worldview. At the same time, data exchange occurs with a certain delay of 1-2 minutes.

As for chat-roulettes, for example, Omegle and Chatroulette, here the user cannot, by his parameters, find a specific friend, interlocutor. Unlike social networks, these chats allow you to communicate without delay, in real time.

Are there any obligations?

In terms of obligations, chat-roulettes win, because there is no need to create your own account, fill in a form, indicate personal data, etc. Such a kind of “freedom” provides platforms with high popularity.

It is impossible to say about “freedom” of communication in social networks, regardless of their format. There is necessarily a binding to a personal number, mail and other user data. In addition, when communicating, the user really appreciates the possibility of meeting with the interlocutor, and this somewhat constrains him in his statements, the possibility of expressing his own thoughts.

Internet traffic costs

For social networks to work, their developers initially need to take care of creating a unique interface. A huge number of options, styles and design – all this requires a significant cost of Internet traffic. And not every user is able to afford it.

But unlike social networks, chats do not have to sacrifice a share of their traffic. For example, in Omegle the user does not have to save dozens of contacts. All this is done for him by the system, just like the choice of the interlocutor. At the same time, the interface is quite simple and understandable even for beginners.


It is not unknown that in order to register your profile in the social network it is not necessary to indicate a reliable name, surname or middle name. Many create their account using aliases. And so it becomes insulting. When you met a young girl or guy, you saw his photo and realized that it was the love of your life, but in reality, a teenager or an elderly person was sitting on the other side of the monitor. And where is honesty here? This is the main question / problem.

In roulette-chats real people participate in all conversations. The user can see his interlocutor, and he will decide whether to communicate with him or not.

If you do not want to be attached to a certain circle of friends, you want to erase existing borders and try some luck in finding a new friend, comrade, soulmate, then chat-roulettes are what you need. You can try your luck in Chatroulette and Omegle.

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