How often should you compliment a girl?

Men often ask how often to compliment a girl? At first glance, it might seem that the question is stupid and not complicated. But young people even go online and look for recommendations on the Internet. But only girls can answer this question precisely, as each representative of the fair sex should have her own approach. Therefore, we will try to figure out how often you need to tell the girls compliments.

First of all, you need to know the measure. A woman loves not only with her heart, but also with her ears, so it is important for her that men emphasize her dignity. But if you compliment too often, then the girl may feel perfect and stop noticing her own flaws. This can negatively affect both the relationship and its character as a whole.

Compliments, of course, please the girl. A woman should never be made clear that life without her just loses its meaning. Not all girls correctly understand such a compliment. It so happens that some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity begin to use this partner’s dependence. Of course, you can even say such words, but only if the man is confident in the reciprocal feelings of his beloved one.

A compliment to be accepted and understood must correct. This applies to time and place. You must be able to choose the right moments for beautiful words. When they are told at the right time, they will remain in the girl’s memory, if not forever, then for a very long time. Do not use any template words or phrases. A man needs to choose beautiful, touching soul words. Only in this case will they be received favorably. But do not cheat. Open flattery can lead to a deterioration in relationships.

It is also important to choose the right place. If you say compliments at the moment when the girl is doing any work, then, of course, she either will not hear them or will not appreciate them because of her busyness.

Do not be commonplace. Beautiful, kind, caring can be “applied” to any girl. She will be pleased to hear them, but they are template. It is important for a woman to feel that she is the one and only. Therefore, making a compliment, you need to carefully select the words – you can focus on her appearance, hair, eyes, character traits. The girl should feel it with all her heart.

So, how often to compliment a girl? You can do it as much as you like, even constantly, if it gives the man pleasure. But it is not quantity that matters, but quality.

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