Choosing food for a first date

The first date is a pleasant romantic meeting, during which you not only get to know your companion, but you can also share dinner with them, communicate in an informal atmosphere. So what to choose for dinner on the first date, so as not to get awkward, and a meal does not interfere with your dialogue?

Date at a restaurant

The first rule is not to order too heavy or fatty dishes, do not go to a restaurant hungry (it is better to have a light snack a couple of hours before the date). Few people like how the interlocutor devours a seven-course meal and completely pays no attention to the one who sits at the same table with him.

That is why it is recommended to choose a standard light vegetable salad, a dish made from lean meat or fish.

If you drink alcohol, a glass of wine will be an excellent accompaniment to your dishes – you can choose or ask the waiter or sommelier for help (the restaurant staff will definitely not refuse you advice). Wine is a great way to relax and become more sociable during an exciting meeting, but you should be careful not to drink too much alcohol.


If you decide to go out into nature on your first date, self-made meat or vegetable sandwiches are a great snack option. They can be prepared by one person to pleasantly surprise their companion during a romantic walk. Be sure to also bring some drinks and fruits with you to make your dinner more varied.

Walk in a park

Even on a simple walk in a park, you can sit on a bench for a bite to eat, listen to birdsong and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. For this, ice cream, chocolate or sweets are perfect – small delicacies will help defuse the atmosphere and spend many pleasant minutes in each other’s company.

What is not a good idea to pick on a first date?

You should not choose something that is too difficult to eat – a large burger with two cutlets or gourmet sushi, which not everyone knows how to eat beautifully with chopsticks, can put one person in an awkward position.

Do not order fast food unless you are sure the other person loves it. Discuss in advance which restaurant or cafe you will go to – some people prefer only healthy food. Check if your companion eats meat – you should not go to a restaurant with steaks if the other person strictly adheres to a vegetarian diet.

These are universal rules and guidelines. If you find it easy and interesting with each other, you have enough video chat and learned a little about your partner’s habits and preferences, you can go to any restaurant.

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