The Most Underrated Online Dating Video Chats

Nowadays, there are so many online dating sites and services, that users get lost in this diversity. When choosing video chat, the majority of people would prefer the most popular ones, with the greater number of users online. For example, nowadays, Tinder is installed on virtually every phone of someone looking for a partner. Each time you hear someone broke up with a partner, there immediately follow an advice to restore the Tinder account. It seems that people stopped considering other dating services. However, different video chats have peculiarities that may be interesting to explore.

Here are some video dating sites that are unjustifiably underrated.

  1. Flirty9

Flirty9 is a very simple service, with no extra tools such as games or video players built in. Maybe, it is way too simple for modern users. Nevertheless, the site is very convenient and all services are free of charge. You login, you find someone to talk to, and you decide whether you want to communicate with them further – as simple as that.

  1.   YesIChat

This chat is entirely free and available for people of all age groups. It allows you to decide whether you want to talk to someone in private or have a group conversation. You can turn on the camera and allow someone to see you when you want to.

  1. Instachatrooms

Instachatrooms is a site with simple interface and chat groups differentiation. You can choose whether you want to visit gay or lesbian chat room, go to chat room where all singles are, or have a talk with equals in age in “College chat.” The main benefit of this video chat is that people of all ages and interest can find groups suitable for them.

  1. Minichat

Minichat is yet another video chat worthy of attention. The site takes you straight into video chatting so be ready. Still, no worries, your face will not appear online before you permit the site can use you cam and microphone. Also, you will need to insert some basic information about yourself for you video partners to know who they talk to.

  1. CamSurf

CamSurf is a chat roulette allowing you to talk to random people. It is an amazing service, because it connects people living in different parts of the world. Each time you are connected to the stranger you can see some basic info about the person in the screen corner. You can either keep talking to a randomly chosen person, or click “Next” if you do not like him or her.

There is no need to get stuck using one particular dating app, if there are so many dating video chats and services out there. After all, you must check at least several options to see what video chat matches your preferences, and where you are most likely to find an ideal date.

How to Make You Chat Friend Laugh

Online chatting services give plenty of opportunities to have fun in video chats, besides actual chatting. This may be especially needed in case your chatting lasts for hours. In modern video chats and chat roulettes, you can find a lot of fun activities to do with your video partner in case you run out of topics to talk about. Here are some of them:

  • Video chatting using face filters – can be a funny and non-boring way to talk to each other.
  • Playing games – Playing games built in chat can be a real fun for both partners or even a group of people. You are free to choose a game, which is a variety starting from sudoku and ending with games on the speed of reaction.
  • Sharing screens – Many people like sharing what they are doing with others. If you work on some project on your laptop and you need an advice – feel free to share it with a random viewer.
  • Sharing pictures and videos – You can make your video partner smile or even laugh if you send some funny pictures or videos to the chat. It is always more pleasant to laugh with someone. Also, you can exchange some good music or audiobooks, which will also help to find out more about each other. Watching a movie together, or playing a video games is also a nice option.

Make The Person You Talk To Laugh

Video chats do give a lot of possibilities for people to communicate and engage in interesting activities together. However, if you want other person to like talking to you, you have to take an effort as well. The easiest way to make someone like you is to make him or her laugh. It does not matter if the person laughs at you or with you – the most important here is to make him or her experience positive emotions to remember you, and want to spend more time together later. Here is what you can do:

  • Wear a funny or weird outfit,
  • Tell a joke (or a funny story),
  • Share some funny videos or pictures,
  • Doodle something funny,
  • Play an instrument.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to become interesting to a person you like in video chat. You can also try these tips when you need to cheer up someone who is sad or in a bad mood. Many people come to video chatting to meet someone funny to entertain them, so you will not go far wrong with funny stuff. The final advice is not to get too preoccupied with trying. Just behave naturally and your good mood with pass on the person you want to impress.

Inadequate People In Chats

Talking to strangers in video chats can sometimes result in quarrels, conflicts, and unpleasant experiences, just the same way as in real life. For example, one may feel outraged by an intolerant comment on racism left by someone else. Most likely it was an intentional provocation of a conflict by an online bully seeking attention. Such people do not hesitate to use the most debatable topics and offensive words to make other people react accordingly. However, once you respond in a way this kind of people want you to, you make his or her wishes come true, right? That is why, when chatting online and spotting angry or conflict provoking comments, it is important to know how to respond correctly. Here are some techniques on how to deal with inadequate people in chat rooms.

  • Double-check you got it right

If you just logged in to the chat room and saw a message that you found unpleasant to yourself or other people, make sure you read the previous messages and understood it correctly. It is improper to start debating over the last caught word, especially if you did not get the topic.

  • Express your disagreement

You want to let the offender know he or she is wrong but you do not have to lower down to offender’s level. Simply express your opinion without mentioning and appealing to the author of the message. Probably, your comment will find a lot of positive responses and leave offender’s comment without attention.

  • Avoid blaming and assuming

Do not try to say something like “People like you are always like this.” Such assumptions are vague and bear no meaning; basically, you do exactly what this person wants – react.

  • Do not take it personally

In most cases, online bullies from chatroulettes or video chats forget things they say the very moment they get offline. They just do it because they know there will follow no punishment for what they say or do. So, if there is a possibility, just click move on to talk to the next person.

  • Do not moralize

People hate moralizers. If it happens there is an inadequate person in a group chat, do not try to open a tiresome discussion on what is right or wrong. First thing to remember is that people come to video chats to have fun and relax.

What If The Bully Targets You Personally?

There may be a huge difference as to how to respond when a bully targets a general chat audience and a single person. If you are in this situation, try to talk to a bully in private and ask if he or she has a problem with you. The most important thing is not to indulge in reciprocate insult or an angry verbal conflict screen-to-screen. Finally, as it has been said earlier, the easiest way is to simply click the “Next” button and talk to someone else. Also, you can block or make a bully suspended by leaving a complaint to chat moderator.